A Conversation About Time

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What is time?

Time is a dimension, a freedom, a power, an energy, an experience that exists in and through you as an individual and across the entire universe. It gives meaning and shape to the unfolding of existence. It is real and it is the deep reality.

It’s folded through the other dimensions, some of which you know and recognise in your current experience of existence and some of which you don’t. 

What is the power of time?

The power of time is the power to layer your experience. It’s a layering of expressions of energy, or frequencies, to create form that holds itself together and reforms and reshapes itself constantly. This is the story of life, the story of the formation of all worlds, the story of interconnectedness.

There are timelines that weave across each other and in and around each other like multi-dimensional threads. Alone they make no sense, but when they weave together patterns, colours and shapes form, unfolding over aeons into what you know as life.

Why do people say time isn’t real, or that everything is happening now?

Now is one thread of time. It’s all the threads looked at simultaneously. It’s like looking at life in a single moment and seeing through the layers. It is one experience, but it is neither the whole experience nor the most significant part.

To take any single experience of time to be the only truth is to miss the point. The very essence of time is the multi-dimensionality or the layering of it. It is a dimension of multi-dimensions.

How can we approach time as human beings?

Expand your perception of it and feel the richness of what you can experience through it. Feel into the quality of the different layers you can access and explore how you can combine them to create a story in your life.

Time is an essential ingredient of your creativity. As you choose the timelines you’re weaving together you’re shaping and reshaping your life.

Why do we get so overwhelmed by a feeling of not having enough time?

Because you get too focused on a single layer of time and try to achieve everything through that. It’s a misunderstanding of what time really is. Most humans think of time as a single dimension, or a linear power, that limits. 

When you experience time more fully you will discover that it frees you by offering you a choice of timelines that weave together into the multi-dimensional experience that you call life. 

How can I manage my time better?

Free yourself from the tyranny of a single timeline. Learn how to consciously operate in multiple timelines simultaneously. Play with time, explore the freedom it gives you.

You don’t need to abandon your current perception. You need to add more layers to it. Then you can operate on multiple levels at the same time.

This is the meaning of NOW. It’s not the only aspect of time that exists. it’s the experience of multiple layers becoming conscious to you.  


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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