Liberating Your Relationship With Money

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Invitation to The Future of Money NOW

The Future of Money NOW is a three-part, live, online event using Systemic Constellation Work to explore the future of our collective relationship with money.

The question we will focus on is:
How do we integrate the shadow polarities of money, and what we have done in the name of money, so that we (Humanity) can shift from fear to love in relation to money?

Will your life work better
if you have a better relationship with money?

What would you create if you felt relaxed about money?

What would you do differently if you weren’t worried or stressed about money?

What would become possible if your relationship with money was founded on love, abundance and generosity?

Imagine for a moment that money can talk. Click the gold button to find out what it has to say to you.

Liberate Humanity is a learning community of individuals and families who care about freedom. We run online programs where you develop practical skills for navigating towards a future that works for all of us. 

We offer next level healing, transformation and liberation for your health and energy, your relationship with money and your spirit. 

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