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In today’s world it’s not enough to be exceptional at what you do.

You also need to be…


Burning out is going out of fashion and working yourself into the ground leads to long-term disappointment and poor results. Smart leaders treat themselves like first class athletes. They take care of themselves, optimise their personal energy and build long-term resilience.


There was a time when family life was sacrificed for the sake of success and relationships were primarily expedient. But today’s successful leaders have hearts as well as minds. They’re great at connecting with people and put a very high priority on a happy family life.


Money, status and power are all useful, sometimes essential, but rarely satisfying. Great leaders build great businesses around a great purpose, They do the challenging inner work which produces outstanding outer results.

Master  Your Energy in 6 Steps



The simplest thing you can do to have more energy. Make it a daily habit for best results.



Prevent burnout and improve your performance without working any harder.



Learn how to top up your batteries whenever you need more energy, so you’re always on form.



Build a longterm lifestyle that keeps your energy balanced and recharged all the time.



Achieve your greater goals and connect with your true inner potential and uniqueness.



This is where your energy practice goes deeper and makes a profound difference to your life.

  • Sarah has given me invaluable access to positive energy, spiritual education, deep relaxation and has proved a vast reservoir of practical wisdom and helpful advice... in managing relationships, building a business, staying healthy, finding happiness and pursuing a clarity of purpose. She is a great guide and wise mentor.

    Alex Blyth Founder, Mega Adventure Group, Singapore
  • In the past years during my own journey in spirituality and personal growth, I have come across a variety of modalities of teachings or works from world renowned gurus. Sarah’s way in helping people is unique, holistic and profound. She just has a pair of magic eyes and ears. As soon as she hears or sees you, she knows where the problem is and gives you the solution whether it is in your own spiritual life, your relationships, your child or your business.

    Ling Ling, Scientist, Western Australia
  • Sarah reignited a spark in me that I thought I'd lost forever. She fuelled it and encouraged it to blaze. Sarah's teachings have and continue to positively impact all aspects of my life - inner peace, self belief, purpose, connections, relationships and work.

    Sarah has woken my potential and I'm loving the journey and feeling glorious about what lies ahead.

    Amanda Boreham QLD, Australia
  • Sarah is not the ‘rah-rah, lift people up until they’re ten foot off the ground’ style. She knows, just like you and me, that there’s very limited traction in that approach.  Sarah is much more considered, much more caring, much gentler yet deeper at the same time.  And all of that comes with massive traction — and hence positive, life-changing moments for everyone who happens to have the privilege of sharing her insights.

    Paul Dunn Chairman of B1G1, 4 x TEDx speaker, Singapore



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